Despite being constructed from highly durable dental materials, implants are not completely impervious to harm. Chips and fractures represent the most frequent forms of damage to implants. Should you have sustained damage to your implant, promptly scheduling a visit to the dentist is imperative. Failing to address the issue can result in further deterioration.

Can a Dental Implant Be Repaired?

Minor complications can be resolved without extracting the implant. Adjustments to the crown, abutment, or screw may be feasible.
In instances of significant failure, the implant must be entirely taken out.
Prior to inserting a new implant, bone grafting might be necessary.

What are the repair costs?

Simple repairs might be relatively inexpensive. Costs escalate if new components are needed. Removal of the failed implant and subsequent procedures can be costly. Bone grafting and new implants will increase the overall cost.

Extra Tips !

Here are some extra tips which could help 

Tip #1

Consider consultation with several specialists before deciding.

Tip #2

Check with your dental insurance for coverage details.

Tip #3

Verify credentials and seek patient reviews.